European bioenergy outlook 2013

Statistics are essential to follow market trends, build up strategies and support policy making. AEBIOM fully understands this concern and publishes now its fifth annual statistical bioenergy outlook, still free of charge for anybody.

Data collection is still challenging. Rules followed by Eurostat are not obvious to understand for non initiated people and same questions are coming up all the time: How much and what kind of biomass is used in the heat sector? What is the percentage of electricity used for heating purposes?

The figures in this report have been compiled for data published in many different sources and information provided by AEBIOM's members and other bioenergy experts. This report consists of two main parts. The first part (chapter 3) provides basic information about the biomass resources originated from forest, agricultural and waste streams. The second part (chapters 4-6) is structured according to its end use: electricity, heat and transport. Finally one chapter on biogas and an extensive chapter dedicated to the pellet sector prepared by EPC (the European Pellet Council). At the end of the document the reader can find the Annex that includes explanation of terms, conversion units and abbreviations.

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